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Christian Banks
Written by Christian Banks

Assets and how to use them


Sources are accounts who follow or interact with a given account or hashtag. Location based sources are accounts who have pinned a given location in their posts. Use sources in the planner as targets for following and interactions.

What Source should I use?

For the best results try using sources from your niche - this way the people you follow/interact with are more likely to be interested in your content. If you are trying to target people from your area use location based sources. You can always check the followback rates of each of your sources from the Assets tab.

There are 3 main categories of sources:

  • People - These are accounts that follow or interact with a given account. Try to target accounts in the same niche as yours because their followers will be the most likely to be interested in your content as well.
  • Hashtags - These are accounts that have interacted (liked or commented) with the top posts of a current hashtag. Try to choose hashtags relevant to your niche as people who interact with these are most likely to interact with your content as well.
  • Location - These are accounts that have posted recently, tagging in the given location.

The skip rate shows what percentage of that source was skipped due to the targets not passing your filters. Hover over this column to see a breakdown of the filters causing the skips.

Note: If more than one source is selected for an account each follow will be from a random source, evenly distributed among all in the long run.


Presets let you save and store your Planner settings to be reused on your other accounts.

To save your settings as a preset simply hit Save as Preset in the Planner. Next to it is the button to load and apply saved presents to the current account.

You can see all your saved presets in the Presets tab under Assets.

User Lists

User lists are simple lists of usernames that can be used in the for Lists Automation and for Black/Whitelists. This is useful when automating engagement pods, when you have a number of accounts you don’t want to unfollow, or people you don’t want to interact with.

To add users to a user list simply type in their name and hit enter.


Here you can make Spintax supported comment or DM templates. If you are automating comments or messages on Instagram it is highly recommended to use Spintax comments with a large number of possible variations. This way your content look more unique and you can prevent blocks.

What is Spintax?

Spintax uses a marked-up version of text to indicate which parts of the text should be altered or rearranged. The different variants of one paragraph, one or several sentences, or groups of words or words are marked.

What format should I use?

Words to be spun have be between {} with | dividing the variations.

Example: {this is|that is|what|such} {an amazing|a great|an awesomel} post! - Possible result: that is an awesome post!