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Christian Banks
Written by Christian Banks

Best practices to avoid action blocks

As you might already know, we recently rolled out a very advanced feature to prevent action blocks. The fix works by emulating the Instagram Android app even more closely, and the results are excellent so far.

Even with the fix rolled out, you might still have trouble with actions blocks down the road. To prevent these, we decided to write up a few tips for everyone to follow.

First, and the most important: proxies. When it comes to Instagram automation, proxies are the second most important factor (after choosing the best possible tool). We already discussed the different types of proxies and the benefits of each. What is essential here is to be smart when it comes to using them:

  • Never have more than one account on a residential proxy
  • Don't use the same proxy for too long, ask your provider for a new IP address or get a proxy that rotates it's IP over time (make sure it's not rotating too frequently). Alternatively, you can change around your accounts between your proxies to rotate them.
  • Don't use datacenter proxies
  • If possible get a 4G LTE Mobile proxy

Once you have your proxy game on point, you should be looking at your schedule and settings.

We already said this many times, but make sure you are not automating 24/7. This is essential, and many people have issues because of not respecting this critical rule. Every week you should have at least a day completely off, meaning no automation at all. Also, when creating your schedule over a day, try to make it as human-like as possible, start with your activities in the morning hours, and never have consecutive actions from more than 2-3 hours. Have some breaks, and use a different schedule for every day. Our schedule generator makes it easy to create randomized and safe activity patterns.

During our tests for our latest update, we found that having "Mute after follow" turned on creates a pronounced pattern for Instagram, and it results in more frequent action blocks.

Another feature that may cause issues if the "Like before/after follow" function, having this turned on (especially two likes) causes another pattern that Instagram is actively monitoring. We introduced a slider where you can define the chance of likes, and we strongly recommend you to use it if you use the "Like before/after follow" feature. You should never set this to more than 80%, but a value below 50% is strongly recommended.

We also introduced a feature to let you limit the daily followings FollowPlanner will make with your account. This is a beneficial function, and we recommend you to use it. A good starting value for it is 180-200 follows per day once you have your accounts warmed up.

If you experience frequent errors on your accounts, please stop them for at least 2-4 days, then reach out to our support agents before restarting the account(s).

With our latest update, we are confident that we delivered the only legitimate response to the Instagram action blocks. If you follow the best practices mentioned above, you should have a smooth experience with Instagram automation once again.