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Christian Banks
Written by Christian Banks

Connecting your first Instagram account to FollowPlanner

Once you connected your first proxy to FollowPlanner (or have set up the Proxy Utility on your computer), you are ready to connect your first Instagram account.

To do this, go to

Select your proxy from the dropdown (if you used the Proxy Utility, the proxy will have a name like "").

Enter your Instagram username (make sure it's the username of the account - not phone number or email address), password and hit "Connect".

Since Instagram will see this connection as a new device, they will likely ask you to confirm that this new login is intended and authorised by sending you a confirmation code to either your linked phone number or email address. You can enter this code directly with FollowPlanner and continue logging in.

If you get an error message saying to accept new terms and conditions, please log in from a real phone in the real Instagram app, and accept their new terms and conditions. Unfortunately we are not allowed to accept the terms and conditions automatically.