If you are automating on Instagram, you will always run the risk of getting suspended or banned; however, FollowPlanner has made tremendous strides in combatting Instagram’s algorithms. We believe FollowPlanner is the safest Instagram automation tool on the market.

Recently, we integrated a deep-learning algorithm to understand the limits of Instagram. We anonymously gather activity information from thousands of Instagram accounts, and we have created safety parameters so you don’t accidentally exceed dangerous limits. Simply put, FollowPlanner won’t let you do actions that have been proven to harm accounts. While this is a great innovation, it doesn't completely remove all the potential risks of automating.

We also have safety recommendations that we encourage you to follow:

  1. Start slow

    It’s ideal to “warm-up” your Instagram account. Don’t start following 800 people your first day on FollowPlanner. It’s best to start with less than a hundred total actions for the first few days. After you’ve established some “trust” with Instagram, you can slowly increase your actions.

  2. Be realistic

    The key to safe automating is this: Make it look like you are not automating. This is why we created the hourly scheduler on FollowPlanner. By randomising your hourly actions, you are able to appear more “human-like”

    With our new Planner you can schedule a higher number of actions to a shorter time period.
    It's strongly recommended to use it, as it's more human-like to perform 50 follows in 15 minutes, than in one hour.

    Moreover, you will automate in different circles, not just complete hours, which is another useful feature.

  3. Mix up your schedule

    FollowPlanner is unique because of its hourly schedule. Randomising your schedule frequently can help make your account appear more natural.

  4. Don’t spam (or perhaps, spam smarter)

    Don’t comment the same comment over-and-over again, and don’t spam low-quality links. One of the biggest triggers for Instagram bans is not that you are automating, it’s because you are spamming. FollowPlanner has built-in spintax for DMs, comments, and captions so you always stay unique.
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