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Christian Banks
Written by Christian Banks

Set up automated activity using the Planner

One of the features that makes FollowPlanner so powerful is the Planner. In the Planner, you can set up follow, unfollow and interact activities on a weekly schedule. This gives you complete control over the actions that are done with your accounts, while being simple and intuitive.

Setting up the activity schedule

When you first open the Planner for an account, on the left you will see the Planner schedule. With this table you can control the type of activity as well as the schedule.

To make scheduling easier we developed a schedule generator To access it, click the crossed arrows button on the top of the schedule table:

This will open a panel where you can adjust how many hours are automated per day. Based on your account's age and size, adjust this slider to generate a suitable schedule. To regenerate with a given number of hours, just hit Generate as many times as you want.

To protect your accounts, for every generated weekly schedule we leave one day off, this is a good practice and you should always make sure that your account rests every week and has no constant activity.

After you are happy with the generated schedule don't forget to click "Save" on the bottom of the page, as the generator turns off autosaving to preserve any schedule you may have previously.

Setting up follow activity

The first step to set up the follow activity is adding and enabling sources.

Adding sources in FollowPlanner is done through the same system as the official Instagram search in the iPhone or Android app.

To add your first source, just click "Add source" on the "Follow" tab, this will open a popup that should look something like this:

Enter a search term and hit "Search", this will load the results just like the apps would. To add sources, click the buttons next to the results that you wish to add.

Once you've added some sources, you also need to tick those that you want to use actively:

Please note that you must tick at least one source, or else following will not work.

Another important factor when setting up the follow activity, is the max. actions per hour setting, with this you can control how many followings the bot does in each hour (defined in the schedule). Set this to a low number when you start, and gradually increase it until you reach the desired number.

You can also choose to like some posts of the accounts that you follow before or after following them.

Under "Target user filters" you can set up filters to skip some users when following. To learn more about these filters, make sure you check out this article.

To the max. actions/hour you should always place a range of numbers. Like this the automation will perform a different number of actions at each active period, which is a more human-like action than doing the same number of action all over again.

A good starting value is 15-24. You can slowly build up from this if you see no errors for 2-3 days.

'Mute targets after follow' and like after/before following are spammy actions, which can cause Instagram to realise that you use a bot so at the beginning I don't recommend them at all.

If you would really like to use the like before/after follow function you should use it with the 1-2 punch method, not the most recent post, and its chance should be reduced to under 20%.

Setting up unfollow activity

Setting up the unfollow activity is a bit more simple, you just need to define the max amount of unfollowings per hour and the number of days that the bot waits between following and unfollowing.

To unfollow all users that were followed by the bot, even if they follow you back, make sure the "Unfollow followers" and "Only users followed by the bot" options are both ticked.

If the Unfollow followers option is unticked, the bot will not unfollow people who followed you back.

If the "Only users followed by the bot" is unticked, the bot will unfollow people even if they weren't followed by it.

You should always keep an eye on your unfollowings.

Instagram can be very strict if you have a higher number of followings. The instagram limit is around 7000 followings, depending on the account, however you should never go above 1500 if you'd like to keep a good trust-score.

The max unfollows/hour should also be an interval like at your follow settings, but with a slightly higher starting value.

For example: 19-28

Setting up interact activity

The interact tool uses the same sources as the follow tool, meaning that if you add some sources in the Follow tab, they can be also used in the "Interact" tab and vice-versa.

You can set the max number of interactions per hour, as well as define a balance between likes and comments. For example, if you set 50 interactions per hour, and the balance is set to 80% likes and 20% comments, the bot will perform ~40 likes and ~10 comments per hour.

To filter posts that your accounts interact with, use the options under "Post filters".

Comments are the most spammy actions on Instagram, so in the beginning i recommend orienting towards likes only.

If you are experiencing great performance, no errors in the activity, you can set up the Content for comments.

However you need to have lots of possible variations and content to go on without errors.