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Christian Banks
Written by Christian Banks

Use the Proxy Utility to create your own proxy

Since FollowPlanner is a cloud-based bot, we require our users to bring their own proxies for maximum platform security and account safety.

To help you getting started, we developed a small proxy utility that has to be installed on your computer and turns it into a high quality private residential proxy that can be used with FollowPlanner. The IP address of the proxy will always match the IP address of the computer it is running from, so basically this is the easiest and cheapest way to get a highly trusted residential proxy that works great with FollowPlanner.

The Proxy Utility is a cross platform app, and it's currently available for macOS and Windows.

To download the latest version, go to

Once downloaded, just install it as you would with any other app and launch it.

Important: the proxy utility will not have a window when started, to make sure it is running check for the black rocket icon in the menubar on macOS or the taskbar on Windows.

To create and use the proxy, just sign in with your FollowPlanner credentials. Once you are signed it the proxy will be automatically appear in the "Proxies" page on FollowPlanner. The proxy is now ready to use.

The proxy utility will seamlessly pick up IP address changes and will automatically sync it to FollowPlanner, so you don't have to keep updating anything once your IP address changes.

Please note, that if you turn off the computer that the Proxy Utility is running from, the proxy will be offline and no activity will go through.

If any proxy is down for over 24 hours, the accounts associated with it will be disabled - to prevent this, makes sure the computer is only turned off while no activity is scheduled in FollowPlanner.