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Christian Banks
Written by Christian Banks

What are the safe or recommended limits?

There is no golden rule about the numbers you can do. It all depends on your account's age, what proxy you are using, if you used many different automation software etc.

To be the safe, you should always warm up your accounts when you start to use it with FollowPlanner. That means, that you should start with a low hourly limit and gradually increase it.

If you are experiencing feedback required errors on like or follow, you should stop all activity for at least 24 hours to let it cool down.

Never have activity running for more that 4-5 hours at once, and automating from 0:00 to 24:00 continuously.

Also you have to pay attention on how to set up your weekly schedule:

  • Always start at around the same time in the morning
  • Schedule only 1-2 periods in the morning, then take a break and schedule 1-2 at your "lunch break", etc
  • Take at least 2 days completely off
  • Schedule different active periods close to each other, because when you use instagram, you don't perform only one type of action

Moreover you should re-arrange the planner at the end of each week, because if you do the same actions in the same time from week to week, you can get flagged.

Don't forget that you need to imitate human behaviour with your planner, or your account will get flagged due to spammy activity.