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Christian Banks
Written by Christian Banks

What makes FollowPlanner better than other automation tools?

FollowPlanner was engineered specifically for Instagram. That means that every feature on FollowPlanner has been optimized for Instagram growth and engagement.

FollowPlanner is simple and powerful. You don’t need to be an experienced internet marketer to understand FollowPlanner, but FollowPlanner is powerful enough for any marketer to take advantage of. If your goal is to grow your Instagram account, you’ve come to the right place.

Because of Instagram’s latest updates, a lot of bots have also been struggling to keep up. Because of FollowPlanner’s design, we are able to adapt to Instagram’s changes very quickly.

Here are some more reasons why we think we’re better than other automation tools:

  1. Daily updates
  2. FollowPlanner updates daily to ensure that everything is working smoothly. You can always rely on FollowPlanner to adjust to Instagram’s frequently changing algorithm.
  3. No downloads required
  4. You can manage your Instagram accounts directly on your web browser.
  5. No add-ons required
  6. The only difference between our packages is the number of accounts you can add. We don’t like it when companies charge you extra for extra features, so we didn’t do that. Whether you have the Beginner package or the Agency package, you get everything included in one simple FollowPlanner subscription. The only thing you need to enjoy the full potential of FollowPlanner is your Instagram account and a proxy.
  7. Affordable packages
  8. Compared to other bots on the market, FollowPlanner is much more affordable than many alternatives.
  9. Designed my elite Instagram marketers
  10. Unlike other automation tools designed by a team of programmers who have no experience in social media marketing, FollowPlanner has been specifically created with the Instagram marketer in mind. Instagram nerds + coding wizards = FollowPlanner
  11. Smart and simple
  12. We made things smarter and simpler than others. Our clean user-interface makes getting started with FollowPlanner easy, and our smart integrated tools make dominating Instagram a breeze.